Concrete Decor -
concrete refinishing and concrete beautification in the Tampa Bay area of Florida
Concrete Decor
Concrete Decor specializes in concrete resurfacing and concrete beautification by
turning old, discolored concrete
surfaces into a wide variety of
natural looking a stone finishes.
Located in St. Petersburg, Florida- servicing the Tampa Bay area
Concrete Decor Concrete Resurfacing

The Process

We begin by carefully masking any areas adjacent to the work area. We secure plants and lawn edges to prevent damage.
Before we begin to apply a new surface to your concrete, we prepare the old surface. We remove old coatings, grind rough areas, acid etch and pressure wash. This process lets us inspect your surface for cracks and damage and insures proper adhesion of our product.
The coating process begins with a thin coat of CTI’s acrylic-modified cement. This product is not mixed with water. It is mixed with a specific modifier that cures to 6000 psi concrete. That is twice the hardness of regular concrete.
Different finishing techniques are used to produce different looks. Most finishes will have a thickness of one eighth to one quarter of and inch.
Using a hand grinder with a special wheel, we “carve” existing cracks and then add additional carved lines to produce a pattern that looks like the mortar joints between large stones. The size, depth and frequency of this pattern are entirely under your control. We always do a sample area for your approval. Later, we will color these joints with a colorized cement mix that enhances the “mortar” look. The natural stone look improves drainage and camouflages existing cracks while adding warm, natural look to outdoor surfaces.
Using a variety of tools and techniques, we add colors to the surface. The final color choices are determined in consultation with you. We do a sample area on site for your approval.
Once the joints are colorized and you are totally satisfied with the appearance of your new surface, we apply multiple coats of sealer to the job. The sealer protects the surface and makes it easy to clean. After final clean up. The job is done. We leave caution tape and safety cones behind when we do a driveway or easily accessible area.
From thought to finish, we’re setting your vision in stone!
Concrete Decor can transform your damaged, or stained pool deck, driveway, or patio into a custom work of art by combining design expertise with state-of-the-art materials.

An infinite variety of colors and patterns means a unique look that will compliment your existing decor and add value to your home.

The fast, easy, and affordable alternative to pavers or replacement.

Don’t live with ugly concrete!

Call us for concrete beautification today.